Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Nyanza Adventist Secondary School Nyanza Adventist Secondary School is official Adventist education institution owned by South Nyanza Conference located in Mwanza city



The applicant is required to do the following:

        i. Fill an application form which received by paying a fee, which is revised yearly

      ii. Write an entrance examination, which is conducted at the end of every year at examination centre sited.

    iii. Selection depend on the applicant’s performance in the entry examination

    iv. The candidate must be ready to meet all financial matters and other requirements of the school.

      v. One is expected to meet the pass mark set by school to be promoted to next class. There is no automatic promotion to join the next class.

    vi. Where chances are available school offers opportunities to students from other schools to form I – III by agreement of being good  students in all aspects.

  vii. Students from other schools who wish to join our school are to write  entry examination and meet the passmark set by the school